x under 17 or younger.
x homophobic
x lgbtq+ fetishists
x irl people shipper
x p3dXphile, zXXphile or supporting them
x very aggressive
x antishipper
x xenophobic. i won't apologise for this lmao
x oc x canon hater
x engage drama
x shaming people for their interests and fandoms. seriously, i won't handle you in my company.
x changing people's s3xual preferences
x racist
x n4zi
x antisexual
x always poking on mistakes in people's drawings a lot
x abusing, bullying and insulting children for fun
x absuing and insulting friends
x bullying and insulting people for fun
x shaming people for fetishes, even for tickling fetish

if you fit into any category - i will block you. thank you.