i made this site for fun, though i already have carrd. spent many hours for this but nvm. i hope yall enjoy this site :"). also cringe culture is kinda dead to me, sorry i won't insult ppls drawings with OC x canon; etc.


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♥ just doing some stuff. i'm not really active on social media. i also like to talk with ppl, but can be very akward ;;. not comfortable about homophobia, zXXphilia and p3dXphilia. sometimes swear. kinda sensitive. okay with kinks and fetishes besides p3do, vXre, rXpe. good with gay ships, lesbian ships and ok with hetero ships. ok with xenos. using TWs sometimes. also don't ask about my national language, thanks


cookie run | dream daddy | genshin impact | the stanley parable | team fortress 2 | my little pony | spore | the sims | disco elysium | more


OCS, drawing, fandoms, games, writing, MBTI stuff, astrology, any music genre, doing pairings and headcanons, AUs, roleplaying

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